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Grail Papers are written both to inform and to stimulate discussion. There is currently only one paper available to download (see below) but overtime we plan to have all 10 on the website.

Papers available to download as a pdf file
Papers available to buy

No. Title Date Price
Grail Paper 2 The Emerald and the Cup: The changing Grail 1994 4.00
Grail Paper 3 Our Essential Contribution 1995 4.00
Grail Paper 4 Ministry, Priests, Deacons and Lay People 1995 4.00
Grail Paper 5 Nuclear Family: discussions based on Jonathan Sacks' book 'Faith in the Future' 1996 4.00
Grail Paper 6 Roger Theobold and the Healing Century 1999 4.00
Grail Paper 7 Inspiration, Motivation, Revitalisation 2000: the future of the Grail in a changing world 2000 4.00
Grail Paper 8 Thoughts on the Spirituality of Ageing 2004 4.00
Grail Paper 9 The Grail Society: The Way Forward 2005 4.00

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