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About the Grail Community

A full-time lay community lives at The Hermitage, Winchester. Known as Community Members they make a long-term commitment. They are single women and Roman Catholic.

Every three years the community elect a leadership team of three women whose responsibility is to continue to encourage and enable so that the community may move forward with confidence. Our community is only one expression of the Grail Society. It exists not only for us but for all those with whom we meet. We aim to be open, to heal, and to release the gifts of others. We firmly believe that to help one person to grow is to help to build the world.

Within our community you will find long-term members who are women, Catholics and part of the Grail Secular Institute. This involves a formal commitment to living out our baptismal promises through the channel of the Grail.

Community members encourage others to live alongside them for shorter or longer periods of time so sharing their life and work.
The Grail Community moved to Winchester, Spring 2012
The Grail Centre, Waxwell was the centre for the Grail in the UK. In the Spring of 2012, the Grail community moved to The Hermitage, Winchester. See:

The work of the community members

Whatever work we undertake, we see it as a means of enabling people to grow towards their full potential and of healing the relationship between ourselves and our environment.

You will find us mainly engaged in:
  • helping people on their spiritual quest;
  • organising and running seminars, workshops & retreats;
  • writing, editing and publishing
  • Gestalt Therapy, stress management and counselling;
  • caring for our environment and small scale organic gardening.
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