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We are single women and Roman Catholic. We live on our own and continue in our chosen career and profession. We make an annual commitment and live a celibate life-style.

Our mission
Our mission is an individual one. Our badge reminds us that, together with the Holy Spirit, we work towards sanctifying and transforming our world. As the founder of the Grail, Fr James van Ginneken SJ, said:

'The purpose of our lives is to bring about the kingdom of God'.

Our life
We are scattered yet have a keen sense of belonging. We offer support by being in regular contact, meeting together locally and meeting all together twice yearly. We try to be generous in sharing our time, talents and energy with others. We aim to be alert to developments in Church and Society so as to bring an informed outlook to our daily situations.

Our commitment
Our commitment gives direction to our lives and provides a challenge, helping us to give ourselves to God and to the people with whom we live and work.
Grail Companions reflections:
Straight from the Press
FRACTALS FROM THE WOMB: A Journey through pre and  peri-natal psychotherapy by Shirley Ward

A Journey through pre and peri-natal psychotherapy

Shirley Ward

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 978-1500187224

Shirley Ward, a Companion of the Grail, lives in Killaloe, Co Clare working as a healer and psychotherapist at Amethyst, specialising in pre- and perinatal work with adults and children.
This book is an intriguing insight into our early beginnings and their influences on our character and personality in our life. Tracing the history of birth memories it is well known that the retrieval of pre and perinatal memories from conception, the time in the womb and birth can help us understand how and why we behave as we do in the world. The message resounding throughout the book is that we are at the tip of the iceberg gradually melting it, and understanding the wider implications that life begins before birth and not when we suddenly emerge from the womb.

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