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Grail Community Elections - September 2011

Grail Community Council Leadership team elected Sep 2011
L-R Jackie Rolo, Fr Robert, Mary Grasar, Moira Leigh
Every three years the Grail Community elect a leadership team of three women whose responsibility is to continue to encourage and enable so that the community may move forward with confidence.

The elections were held in September 2011, with a Mass celebrated by Fr Robert Plourde.

Fr Robert Plourde is not only our Parish Priest here in Pinner, but he is appointed by Archbishop Nichols as our Ecclesiastical Advisor.

The election results
The outcome of our election was Mary Grasar as Leader Councillor, and Jackie Rolo and Moira Leigh as the remaining Councillors.

Later, together with the Companions who are the other half of the Secular Institute, Moira was elected as Responsable of the Institute.

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