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The Grail on the Move - Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster visits us at Waxwell

Back row: LtoR: Mary, Valerie, Archbishop Nichols, Moira
Front Row: Grace, Jackie, Betty, Catherine, Philippa, Esther
April 2011

The Grail Community are moving. We have found a property in Winchester which we hope will become our new home, but we will remain at Waxwell until late spring 2012.

The Diocese of Westminster have bought Waxwell Farm House, the Grail Centre, and Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster paid us a visit in April 2011.

Several of the Grail Community know the Archbishop very well and he has visited Waxwell on various occasions so we were delighted when he wrote to say he would like to visit and have lunch with us.

As we walked round many memories were exchanged and shared. We looked at the Labyrinth, the various Poustinias and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the garden which was looking really lovely despite most of the daffodils being past their best. The Archbishop was keen to see the renovated Chapel telling us that however the house would be used, a chapel would be needed.

We all enjoyed a relaxed lunch followed by a relaxed half hour chatting about what we hope to do when we finally relocate.

We felt we had entertained a friend and someone who had our best interests at heart. The Archbishop promised to keep us in his prayers and said he hoped to return before we moved. We hope so too.

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