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The Grail on the Move - Waxwell is bought by Westminster Diocese

The Grail Centre, Waxwell

Feb 2011

At last we have some news about our impending relocation. Stage 1 is complete. Waxwell has been sold which means that we can start to look for a new home in earnest knowing that we have the money to pay for it.

Many people were concerned about the sale of Waxwell in case it should land in the hands of developers or unscrupulous persons. I am delighted to tell you that it has been bought by Westminster Diocese. We have known for some months that this was a likelihood but were asked to say nothing until all was completed.

Sadness and Relief

We finally signed and exchanged contracts on 28 January. Although this comes as a relief, it is also a very sad time for all the Grail but perhaps particularly for the Grail Community who have lived here since 1947.

There are several bonuses for the Community in the sale to the Diocese. The first is that we may stay in residence for up to 3 years. As you can imagine, this should give us plenty of time to find a new home. We also know that the Diocese intend, in some way yet unspecified, to continue to use the house in the service of the Church. To know that a house which has been so loved by so many people will be used in this way brings us consolation.

We have felt very affirmed by the response of our local parishes to our news. I think they feel that the place many hold to be holy, will continue in like vein for many years to come.

All that remains for us to do now, is to find another property. It is proving a difficult and time consuming task. However, we feel sure that we will know when the right house comes our way. We have every confidence that the Holy Spirit is with us on this search and that we are responding to her promptings.

The Grail Centre, Waxwell

The Sale

We thank all those who have been working on our behalf to bring about a satisfactory closure to this part of our history. Some will continue to work with us in our search for a new home.

Open for Business

Until we actually move out, the Grail Centre will continue to be used for our own events and for groups from the local parishes, Councils and communities.

In the same way, once we do move we will be looking to re-spond to the local needs of wherever we find ourselves.

This article appeared in 'In Touch', the quarterly magazine of the Grail during February 2011
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