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Grail Society Day and AGM 2011

Dr Christine Dodd
September 2011

The Grail Society Day was held in Birmingham at St Paul's Convent and the guest speaker was Dr Christine Dodd. The former Adult Education Advisor for the Diocese of Hallam, she is in much demand as a spiritual director and retreat-giver.

Her fascinating talk to those gathered in Birmingham was on Teresa of Avila. 'Her message is modern', said Christine Dodd and she went on to talk about what Teresa said about every Christian's relationship with God.

She took us on a fascinating journey using the imagery of water reminding us that the purpose of all prayer is to water the world with God's goodness.

In the light of this she challenged us to look at how the spirituality of the Grail helps us to water the world with his goodness and to consider what hinders us in that apostolate.

Christine's talk generated animated discussion with plenty of points to take back to our own groupings during the coming months.

Jackie Edmunds had decorated the hall with flowers and the Grail Action Team, who organised the day, provided a splendid spread for lunch with plenty of time to talk and meet up with old friends and meet some new ones. During the afternoon the Annual Report was read, reminding everyone of what had gone one during the past year.

We recalled that the Grail Society had been experimenting with a Presidential Team, rather than with just a President, and that was due for an assessment in November; that the headquarters of the Grail, currently at Waxwell Farm House in Pinner, would be moving to Winchester during 2012.

We were reminded of the many charities and organisations of which the Grail Society is a member - National Board of Catholic Women, Liverpool Archdiocese Ecumenism Committee, Catholic Marriage Care - to name just three.

The various works in which Grail people are involved are legion - parish work, rehabilitation of sex offenders, work with bereaved families, child protection, counselling - and so the list goes on. It is good to hear what we do because it is easy to take it all for granted and count it as 'just what we do'.

Before we left we remembered those who had died during the year and those unable to attend due to illness. The Grail Prayer was then recited by everyone.

Next year the Grail Day will be held in Sheffield on Saturday 15 September, so keep the day free.

Taken from the Grail magazine 'In Touch'. For a free copy of 'In Touch' contact:

Enjoying Christine's talk.        Lunchtime pause.

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