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The Grail Meets in Bicester - AGM 2013

Father Dushan Croos SJ
Father Dushan Croos SJ

The Annual General Meeting of the Grail Society took place in the splendid new John Paul II Centre, in Bicester, near Oxford. Bishop Kenney, one of the Bishops of the Birmingham Archdiocese, joined us for the morning sessions.

Our speaker was Father Dushan Croos SJ, assistant chaplain at Oxford University. He has recently produced a small booklet on Pope Francis for the CTS (Catholic Truth Society)

Fr Dushan spoke most eloquently about Pope Francis, a fellow Jesuit, helping us to appreciate how the long Jesuit training is key to understanding Francis’ talks and actions.

The Jesuit mission is to ‘fill the gaps’ looking for what is not already being done.

Father Dushan asked the following question: Does what Pope Francis is doing, and what the Church is doing, allow people to progress in the Christian life and be reconciled to the loving mercy of God?

Jesuits have always tried to work among the poorest of the world and this is what Pope Francis tries to do and actively practised in Argentina. Mercy is a major theme in his teaching and life.

After a relaxed lunch, the Annual report and Financial statement were read and accepted. As a result it was agreed to set up a group to consider the future of the Grail Society and how it can continue to contribute to society as a whole. A member from each of the Grail groupings will be part of this ‘looking to the future’

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