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Grail Partners

Grail Partners enjoying
free time during their
weekend together
Grail Partners are part of the Grail Society. As married couples we are committed to reflecting Grail ideals in our everyday life. We support and encourage each other in our Christian faith and are predominantly Catholic.

Grail Partners reflections:

Our ideals
We believe in the importance of Christian marriage and family life. Recognising the difficulties of this ideal in our materialistic society of today, we are committed to supporting each other in all aspects of our lives. Our vision is to help ourselves and others, through Gospel values, to find true spiritual growth and freedom within our relationships.

What we do
We come from every walk of life and strive to live out our ideals wherever we happen to be. To strengthen us in our ideals we meet regularly, both in our area groups and as a Society. At our meetings we pray together, discuss and exchange current relevant issues, as well as expanding our spiritual experience. We also believe in celebrating and take every opportunity to do so, especially marking events within our own lives.

Our commitment
Whilst acknowledging that our first priority is to our family, Grail Partners wish to be formally associated with the Grail. We make an annual commitment to work for and with the Grail wherever we are.

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